My work focuses on the analysis of demographic and evolutionary processes that influence genetic diversity in natural populations of plants. I am particularly interested in studies of the genetic architecture of adaptive traits, biogeography, hybridization and speciation in forest tree species. This includes the application of molecular genetics and genomics approaches as well as development of novel genomic resources for the investigated taxa. The aim is to better understand the link between the level and distribution of genetic variation in natural populations and performance of species and plant ecosystems. Such new knowledge is needed for development of novel breeding and conservation strategies for keystone plant species including forest trees in response to growing demands and environmental changes.

Research interests

  • Genetic basis of phenotypic traits variation and local adaptation
  • Genetic variation and speciation in plants
  • Adaptation and hybridization in species contact zones
  • Marker assisted breeding and genomic selection in forest trees
  • Development of novel genomic resources and genetic markers
  • Molecular taxonomy

Polish Science ID: 120931